Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pro-marker workshop

Here I am again.  I am keeping my blog updated. Are you impressed! 

I have had a busy and fun week with the workshops and also learning myself.  Tuesday evening I ran a pro-marker workshop for ladies who were not confident with how to use pro-markers.  They all were enthusiastic and full of questions which was really refreshing. to pass on tips and techniques. The cards that we used was a digital image as shown below.

Friday Afternoon Pro-marker Workshop
Friday afternoon was also pro-marker workshop but with the regular ladies.  This time I used a digital image by Jade Dragonne - If you do not know this site, it is worth taking a look. There are some beautiful digital images that can be used. I am sure you will agree this oriental lady is very elegant and makes a lovely topper.  Really enjoyed colouring her. 
The pro-marker pens I used was Oasis & Cool Aqua for the dress, Starfish and Tequila Sunrise for the other parts of the dress, flowers etc.  For the hair I used Cool Grey 2, 4 & 5. For the skin tone I used Ivory & Satin.
The black card was a download from silhouette and ten cut on my Cameo. I placed orangey red card behind to match the orange colours I used within the dress etc. 
Fun Day at Applejack Crafts
On Wednesday I went along with Lynn Courtney and Sue Tedeschi to see  Liz Black from Applejack Crafts.  Along with myself we all love the Jo Sonja acrylic paints.  Liz is a friend of Lynn so we were invited along to have a play and learn some new techniques. We had a fabulous day and cannot wait to share these techniques within my workshops.  Liz also runs workshop and is a brilliant teacher.  Her website is www. She has also a gallery so you can see her wonderful work.
Forthcoming Workshops
If you are not already aware, myself and Lynn will be arranging to hire halls in different areas to teach the different techniques on using the Jo Sonja Paints and their mediums, so please keep on eye on further posts when these dates are advertised.  Lynn is the wholesaler of these paints so also has an extensive knowledge.  Exciting times.  Can't wait to tell you more.
I have also been busy updating the website  I have many more items to be added so it is worth keep checking back to see what bargains I have added.  If you like your decoupage,  at the moment, all non die cut decoupage is selling for as little as 26p per sheet.  I have also started listing the Jo Sonja paints.  All of these paints should be online by the middle of next week, however, you only have to email me about any of the products and I will only be too happy to help.  One of the other products we have listed is the MDF. Perfect to use with the paints.  These items are manufactured by my husband and therefore will always be in stock.  We have new items to be added very soon. 
Jeanette xx

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